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Landscape Designs Houston offers a wide range of landscaping services to business and private clients in Houston, Texas. Our team of experts offers regular maintenance of gardens and lawns and specializes in water system installations and irrigation systems. We can design and plant a new Houston landscape, introduce lighting and hardscaping, and offer drainage and erosion solutions to protect your property and structure. For all your Houston landscaping needs, Landscape Designs Houston is here to help!

Are you an entrepreneur hoping to enhance your Houston landscape? Or maybe you want to upgrade your area to reflect the quality and character of your business? Landscape Designs Houston is glad to provide world-class commercial landscaping and other services relating to lawn care. You can trust that our landscape team will get the job right the first time we do it. From lawn maintenance to design and lighting, we’ll strive hard to make your Houston landscape design Houston look professional and inviting. Here at Landscape Designs Houston, we’re committed to tending to our customers’ landscaping needs. Our mindful and intensive team of specialists is proficient, honest, and reliable, making us one of the leading landscape companies Houston TX. You can depend on us to keep your property looking its best more than ever!

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As part of our commitment to landscape design excellence, we give quality and status reports promptly to guarantee that we consistently satisfy or surpass our client’s standards. Entrepreneurs and property owners know that they can go to us for fast, proficient, and reliable work for landscaping services Houston. We guarantee quick response times, and we always utilize advanced machinery that is sharpened every day. With the right mix of landscape expertise, experience, and quality-driven practices, you can put your trust in Landscape Designs Houston. Our Houston TX landscapers serve the Greater Houston area residents, and our commercial landscaping Houston customers include hotels, schools, banks, and more.

We Offer Top-Notch Landscaping Services in Houston

Why worry about your landscape concerns when you can have professional Houston TX landscapers to do the work for you. We offer landscaping services Houston:

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Designs Houston offers a broad scope of landscaping services to take care of your garden, trees, and lawn throughout the year. We have extensive maintenance experience for multi-unit private developments, home, commercial properties, and municipalities.

Design and Installation

Whether we’re structuring a gorgeous new landscape or enhancing an existing one, we use the appropriate design standards and plant materials for every area and exposure. Our landscape design Houston TX experts will take your plan and transform your dream into a reality.

Tree Care

Landscape Designs Houston will take care of your trees’ wellbeing and appearance and help limit the possibility for liability on your property. We provide a broad scope of private and commercial tree care administrations.

Snow and Ice Removal

During winter, we offer 24-hour snow and ice removal services, including salting/plowing roadways, driveways, and parking areas, as well as de-icing and shoveling of walkways, stairs, and passageways.

We are more than honored to be overseers of the earth. Landscape Designs Houston strives hard to make the earth that we live in more beautiful by structuring, building and caring for landscapes in communities, commercial settings, and private homes. We make sure to utilize plant health care solutions that are biological and eco-friendly. When you choose to partner with us, you’re picking an organization that sees how an appropriately structured, introduced, and well-maintained landscape will look its best. We develop and maintain outdoor areas that fit your way of life and increase your property’s value. When your landscapes look exceptional, so do we! Over 80% of our new clients come to us from referrals. Landscape Designs Houston has an excellent reputation for best practices and compliance with local and state rules. Our ultimate goal is to deliver excellent landscaping Houston services. We take pride in our reliable and well-educated staff with distinctive expertise.

Fundamental Principle of Landscape Design Houston

An extraordinary Houston landscaping design is highly dependent on the artist’s eyes. These eight fundamental principles of landscape design Houston TX are the same principles we implement in our services.  

Unity Unity in Houston landscaping design is the consistency and repetition of design. Repetition is used to realize unity in your structure by repeating similar components, including decor and plants in the landscape. 

Consistency is implemented to achieve unity by combining various landscape components to make a common unit or theme.

BalanceBalance is essentially a feeling of equality. There are two kinds of balance in design—symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. With symmetrical balance, both sides of the landscape are identical. On the other hand, asymmetrical balance means the landscape composition is balanced utilizing various components and items with practically similar imaginary weight.

Contrast and HarmonyContrast helps highlight particular components in your design, while harmony enables features in a landscape composition to appear unified. Contrasting pieces get the attention of viewers when they’re placed next to each other. Contrast and harmony are accomplished by juxtaposing any components of art or utilizing complementary hues next to each other.

ColorColor provides your landscape design the dimension of reality. Warm hues, like red and orange, make objects appear closer. On the other hand, cool tones like greens and blues appear to move away from you. Greens and blues are utilized to develop perspective.

TransitionProgress is essentially a gradual change. Transition in a landscape design is shown by gradually changing the plant size or the intensity of color. A transition can also apply to foliage shape, texture, and size of various components.

LineLine is the mother of all components in landscape design. Lines are utilized nearly everywhere, including making beds, walkways, entryways, perspective, and texture. Lines are additionally used to provide an illusion of distance and depth.  

ProportionProportion is the size of a component comparable to the next. Among the eight principles of landscape design, this is probably the most obvious one yet, at the same time, needs a bit of planning and thought. One must guarantee that all the components in landscape design have appropriate proportions.

RepetitionRepetition is directly identified with unity. It’s great to have a few components and structures in a garden, but repeating similar elements offers your different design articulations. An excessive number of items that are not related can make your design look impromptu and jumbled. Besides, don’t abuse a component since utilizing a feature too much can cause your design to feel uninteresting, exhausting, and monotonous.

With these eight fundamental principles of landscape design, designing a landscape can express one’s personality and creativity. Landscape Designs Houston is willing to work hand in hand with you to bring your dreams to life. Using hues, contrast, and lines can help impact your landscape design. Whether developing a new landscape or improving an existing one, the specialists at Landscape Designs Houston know how to include and utilize design to provide you a visually satisfying landscape.

Houston Landscaping Services

In case you are ready to get a professional landscape service to assist you with your landscape maintenance requirements, you must know the various kinds of services. To help you in getting the most out of landscaping services Houston, we’ll explain the details of each service below:

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This service features debris removal, weeding, ground-cover trimming/controlling, getting rid of spent blossoms, and checking and expulsion of browning leaves and branches. This service is a must-have since it guarantees your yard keeps its curb appeal all year long.

This is a more intensive cleaning that includes general bed maintenance and grass dividing, mulch raking, bed edging, and occasional perennial trim down. These services are like a “deep cleaning” of the landscape one to three times each year.

Pruning and hedging at the right time of the year for each kind of plant are essential for general plant wellbeing and bloom performance. By employing an expert, you have plants pruned at the ideal time for their species. (Hydrangea is a perfect case of a plant that needs to be maintained by experts or garden enthusiasts.) We prune to maintain size or shape, expel spent blooms, get rid of dead or diseased limbs, and advance development. Hedging, on the other hand, is usually shaping plants into geometric structures. Both are essential to the landscape.

This is also sometimes called Plant Health Case or PHC. Plants feed on the nutrients found in the soil. We call some plants “heavy feeders.” This implies they haul a ton of nutrients out of the ground. Boxwood is indeed a heavy feeder. Proactively including a plant feed/protect system to your landscape, you’ll get feedings explicit to your soil and plants. You’ll additionally get the disease and pest control to keep common concerns from occurring. This can include bag-worms, black-spot, different types of mildew, aphids, and so forth. This is based upon your service bundle but is significant for flourishing plants.

Lawn chemical programs not only feed the turf but also protect it against plenty of pests and diseases like brown-patch, grubs, and other fungal issues. Most programs are a 5 to 7 stage program applied at the perfect season for your turf. Climate irrigation patterns impact turf, so these must be considered in regards to your turf program. Other applications are at times required during the super-wet periods to prevent moisture-related concerns.

Irrigation start-up and shut-down are part of most maintenance agreements. Even though everybody begins their irrigation framework in the spring (if they had one), not every person has their structure winterized. By not having the water extinguished out of the lines, the water can freeze and grow during cold weather conditions causing harm to their framework. The damage is frequently more costly than merely maintaining the framework and having it winterized appropriately. A few service agreements additionally include a monthly check-in registration for maximum usage/water efficiency. Landscape Designs Houston’s service agreements do incorporate this proactive step. By checking, we can adjust for maximum plant wellbeing and watch for any fixes that need to be made.

Seasonal display can incorporate yearly blooms for summer, spring, and fall. It can likewise incorporate holiday greens, as well as holiday lighting. These services include an additional layer of appeal on landscapes and a zeal for the seasonal changes.

Mulching is typically done more than once per year based on the agreement. Although many consider mulch to be only visually appealing, mulch also has a few horticultural advantages: weed minimization, root insulation, and water retention.

Leaf removal can be personalized on most service agreements to reflect a customer’s desire for the number of visits. A few customers just need one or two per year. These customers will have leaf build-up between visits because their provider only comes twice. A few customers lean toward up to seven removals per season, so their property remains clean all fall. This option is entirely customizable.

In general, most mowing agreements range from 28-32 mows. Mowing costs regularly include the edging, string-trimming, and blow-off of hard surfaces.

Remember, not all Houston landscaping companies are going to offer every one of these services. You need to make sure that the company you’re going for provides the most effective services for you, including French drain Houston and lawn sprinkler Houston. This will guarantee you accomplish the ideal outcomes for your landscape. Landscape Designs Houston offers various kinds of services that are useful to anybody needing property maintenance. We can also give you countless Houston landscaping ideas. Individuals who could take advantage of these services include new property owners, commercial landscaping Houston, and those who need assistance with their yard.

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